VIDEO- About Park City - 10 Secrets from a Local

VIDEO- About Park City - 10 Secrets from a Local


Park City isn't just about skiing. Here are some park city secrets from a local. As a transplant to Park City, and a Park City realtor, here are things I learned and questions I wish I would have known to ask about!


Are you considering moving to or investing in Park City? As a local realtor, I get asked questions all the time, but instead of keeping these questions to myself, I put together this quick video of questions you should ask.


1) Is there anything specific about Park City you need to know about? This includes history, schools, the lifestyle and more.

2) What does it cost to live in Park City? From utilities to driving services to and from the airport, taxes and more, there's a lot of cost to be aware of before making a huge financial investment.

3) Where should I live? This is a great question and greatly depends on your ideal lifestyle or the people you're trying to attract if you're looking to invest.

4) What's the weather like? A very common misconception is that anyone who comes from another city or state where it snows, then you'll be just fine in Park City. But the reality is that the weather in a mountain town is drastically different from the weather in say, New York City where winter barely lasts a couple of months.

5) Where will I meet people? When you're moving, building a social network is one of the scariest and overwhelming aspects. So ask about religious organizations, networking groups, family groups, hiking and ski groups, and much more.

6) How do people get around town? From free buses, to cars for hire, to a transit system in Salt Lake City, it's important to know these things, whether you're moving permanently or trying to attract short or long-term renters. Also, consider those developments that have shuttles to the ski resorts.

7) What about the hospitals and medical services? The University of Utah has a satellite facility right in town along with other hospitals and walk-in centers. Be sure to consider this when you're picking where you want to live.

8) Where can I store my skis? This is huge. Most people don't really want to schlep their skis to and from the resort, so ask about the best options as you plan your search for a property. 

9) What does the future of Park City look like? With so much new development, it's likely there will be roads and services added, and this could add more traffic in the future. This is a super important question.

10) What options do I have if I want to rent out my property? With so many options and property managers out there, it's important to understand the services and the costs associated. There is so much more to consider when you're thinking about moving here permanently or investing. 

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